ModHub is where smart market research firms turn first for the latest Choice Modeling and Segmentation weapons. We stay in the shadows, help you accomplish your mission and be the hero without your client ever knowing we exist.


We are the #1 provider of advanced choice modeling and segmentation analytics services in the industry. At ModHub, we make you better. We are like Q in James Bond—we outfit our clients with the latest capabilities and solutions to win more work—and make them look good in the process. We have become the trusted source of innovation and insight support, and we’re great to work with.


The same old research isn’t good enough.

We help market researchers win more business with new, different and better analytic solutions. We build on your capabilities to help you do amazing things for your clients. We bring new approaches, have the best solutions and tools, represent the highest levels of expertise, are flexible team-players, and provide dependable support. In 15 years of business we have done over 1,000 projects, worked with over 100 research companies, made over 20 conference presentations, are published in the top journals and have written books that set the standard. We really are the experts.



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